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a space where every single detail tells your history, your passions, your unicity.


Architecte d'intérieur Paris: atelier alto, Alessandra Tomasi

The Atelier Alto ?
The name Alto comes from the fusion of the first 2 letters of my first and last names: Alessandra Tomasi. The Atelier Alto embodies my desire of flying on my own wings!

About me?

I am a passionate interior architect with more than eight years of experience in the international landscape in cities like Rome, New York and Paris, where I currently live.

Why choosing Atelier Alto?

Thanks to the media, like the web, we have access to an infinite amount of information and ideas that help shaping our dream project. The next natural step of developing such project and bringing it to life can however be challenging without the right expertise. Atelier Alto is there to support your project by taking on the challenge.

Thanks to the expertise in the field, Atelier Alto has a comprehensive approach to the realization of your dream project matching your taste, your expectation, personality and lifestyle.

It’s a real joint collaboration between us  for every step and decision needed to realize your project!

Projet d'architecte d'intérieur Paris

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